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Workshop Targets Ways To Improve 80 To 80 Corridor

Workshop Targets Ways To Improve 80 To 80 Corridor
By Ines Bebea

The 80 to 80 corridor running through central Fairfield is created by West Texas, Texas and North Texas streets. A workshop will discuss how to improve the area. Photo by Mike McCoy)

FAIRFIELD - Improvement ideas for the 80 to 80 corridor will be the focus of a community workshop Wednesday.

During the workshop, the Fairfield Planning Division will share the results of a recent market analysis on the businesses and housing along the corridor through central Fairfield created by West Texas, Texas and North Texas streets.

The Market Analysis and Planning Implementation Study for the 80 to 80 Corridor, prepared by San Francisco-based consulting firm Freedman, Tung & Bottomley, is expected to highlight the weaknesses, strengths and problem areas along the three business districts, as well as offer suggestions on how to attract investment.

The firm began collecting data two months ago on what types of businesses, unused land parcels, and type of housing exists along the corridor.

"We want to look at the areas that can have the greatest impact to create private investment in the corridor," said Joe Lucchio, principal planner for the city of Fairfield.

According to Lucchio, this is the first in a series of workshops intended to encourage participation from business owners and the community to voice their opinions.

"We want the community to be involved early on so that we can know how they envision the area," Lucchio said. "Right now we are in the very early stages. No plans have been decided."

Business advocates are curious about the results of the market analysis and how any future plans will affect the livelihood of their members.

"The meeting is going to let us know the possibilities and opportunities that will affect many of us," said Catherine Salmon, executive director of the North Texas Street Business Association.

Leslie Fay, president of the Fairfield Suisun Chamber of Commerce, sees the 80 to 80 Corridor project as a way to improve first impressions on shoppers and future businesses.

"It is important that we have businesses that are here for the long term. We have too many businesses that are not putting the effort into their store fronts, and if you make a bad first impressions you won't attract other businesses. First impressions are important, and if you clean up your area, more people will come," Fay said.

Given the diversity of businesses along the corridor, any plans will have to be done through long-term business partnerships, she added.

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At a glance
Who: Fairfield Planning Division
What: Community workshop
When: 6:30 p.m. Wednesday
Where: North Solano County Association of Realtors, 3690 Hillborn Road
Info: Joe Lucchio 428-7647 or

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