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Students Give New Clock Tower To SCC

Students Give New Clock Tower To SCC
By Nika Megino | Daily Republic | February 26, 2008

Wayne Aguigui, a member of Solano Community College's student government, tries to attach a ribbon on the school's new clock tower before a dedication ceremony Tuesday afternoon. Photo by Brad Zweerink

FAIRFIELD - There's a new sound at Solano Community College.

A 17-foot-tall, four-faced Verdin clock tower now stands in the college's main quad. It is a gift from SCC's student government, which donated money to the project.

At noon Tuesday, 10 chimes rang to signal the start of the dedication ceremony for SCC's latest addition.

'It really adds a touch of class to our college,' said Harjot Sandhu, president of SCC's student government.

The creation of the 1,300-pound, blue-and-white clock tower was made possible by two donations totaling $50,000 from SCC's student government.

A student government donation of $22,000 went toward the purchase of the clock, which was part of the college's Campus Enrichment Plan.

'The installation of the street clock is the first idea to come to fruition from that plan,' Sandhu said.

The plan, created by a former student government board, outlines suggestions from faculty and students that would help the college with its identity and signage. The student government donated $28,000 toward the plan.

Vice President of Student Services Lisa Waits said the students' donations marked their commitment and dedication to the college.

'Measure G dollars didn't make this happen,' Waits said. 'The story of this clock tower is the students. Thank you very much, students, for this gift to the college.'

Measure G, a bond passed in 2002, has funded many of the college's construction projects, including the new Student Services Building and the SCC Vallejo Center.

Sandhu said the purpose of the clock was to add a destination marker to the campus and help students get to class on time.

The clock will 'change the language of the campus' as students start to tell each other to meet near the clock tower and include the clock in giving directions, Waits added.

A surveillance video camera has been installed to protect the clock, which is located on a concrete platform, said Frank Kitchen, SCC's director of facilities.

The Verdin Company has crafted clocks for the University of Norte Dame and Walt Disney World.

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