Monday, February 04, 2008

Solano County sees no midyear budget cuts

County sees no midyear budget cuts

A slowing economy and an unclear picture of the state budget are causing Solano County officials to take a cautious approach in regard to the county's Midyear Financial Report. The report will be presented Tuesday to the Board of Supervisors. Even with a declining housing market, state budget cuts and a possible recession, staff will present a stable outlook because of conservative budgeting and spending in the past. No budget cuts will be made, but a selective hiring freeze is being recommended.. had the county not foreseen the current problems, the situation could have been worse. Ho said the picture will become clearer as details of the state budget become available, but she said economic hardships aren't likely to go away.. the county will have to dip into the reserve fund to cover funding from the state that is no longer coming in. By doing this, Ho said, the county eventually will be repaid, but will lose out on any interest that would have been accrued.. Ho will recommend the board minimizes travel expenses and overtime throughout the county. She will also suggest that all departments stick to the current budget until further notice, even though additional costs may arise..

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