Monday, February 26, 2007

Revenue Outlook Is Rosy For Dixon

Revenue Outlook Is Rosy For Dixon
By Melissa Murphy/Staff Writer

With revenues exceeding expectations, the city of Dixon's budget is looking healthy.

City staff will share Tuesday night with the City Council that the mid-year General Fund budget is tracking better than expected and the year-end reserve is expected to be considerably greater than in the original budget plan, according to a staff report.

The report explains that revenues were projected $13.69 million, with the bulk of funds estimated to come from property taxes, sales and use taxes. Now, the revenues are expected to top $14.425 million, a difference of about $735,000.

And while revenue is up, the city's expenditures are down. Expenditures originally were projected to be $14.9 million, but now it's projected the city will only spend about $14.5 million, a reduction of about $405,000. The city had anticipated using about $1.2 million of its reserves.

The staff report explained that expenditures are expected to be lower than the original budget figures, even in the face of some unexpected expenditures, including an additional $50,000 for an April special election and salaries and benefits savings.

In other action, the City Council will have the chance to adopt a resolution appointing a 12-member committee and establishing a charge statement for the citizens wastewater committee.

The committee will be charged to bring forward to the council options including any preferred option which may be identified for a wastewater treatment and disposal program which will at a minimum:

• Meet Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board water quality discharge and treatment capacity criteria;

• Be able to be implemented in a time frame sufficient to meet Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board requirements and provide system capacity in a timely fashion so as to meet the demands of the community's ongoing development commitments;

• Is accompanied by a proposed funding mechanism(s) which can be put in place in a timely manner relative to program/project/activity implementations and which do not require customer service rates to be higher than those which were overturned by the Measure L vote. And to the degree that any funding is to come from development impact fees, the amount of such fees, must meet all nexus tests as required by law.

City staff also is recommending the council adopt an urgency ordinance establishing a moratorium on the approval of applications and permits to construct, modify or place wireless telecommunication facilities in the city.

The council meets at 7 p.m. in the Council Chamber, 600 East A St.

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