Friday, August 11, 2006

Vacaville-Dixon Greenbelt to Expand

Vacaville-Dixon Greenbelt to Expand
By The Reporter, Vacaville
Vallejo Times Herald

The Vacaville-Dixon Greenbelt is growing.
A newly completed project in Solano County will shield permanently 237 acres of farmland from development and expand the greenbelt, officials with the Solano Land Trust announced Tuesday.

Grants from the California Department of Conservation and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service made it possible for the land trust to create an agricultural conservation easement on the acreage, which adjoins the greenbelt, north of Interstate 80 near Dixon Avenue.

"We're pleased that this family farm will always remain in agricultural use,' said Mike Chrisman, state secretary for resources. "Protecting valuable agricultural land helps communities plan effectively for local development, keeps wildlife habitat available, and contributes to a strong economy."

The Escano family farmed the acreage until retiring in the early 1990s. The property then was leased to Tom Galindo, a tenant farmer.

The Solano Land Trust purchased the first 152 acres from the Escanos in 2003. It purchased the remaining 85 acres and sold the farm to the Galindo family in July, with an agricultural conservation easement in place.

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