Friday, May 26, 2006

Measure H Definitely Necessary

Measure H Definitely Necessary
Reporter Editor:

Recently I was introduced to Measure H, the initiative to repair roads, highways and intersections in Solano County. I read the literature and am convinced that Measure H is the most responsible way to accomplish the desperately needed repairs and improvements.

There could be no argument about the fact that our roadways have become neglected during the past few years.

There are huge cracks and potholes on Interstate 80, Jamison Canyon Road (Highway 12) is hazardous, and rescue personnel have expressed concern about being able to respond quickly enough throughout the city to save lives in an emergency.

Spending money for roadway improvements is a bit like paying for brake repairs on a car: nobody likes to do it, but it is absolutely essential and the longer it is neglected, the more dangerous the situation and the more costly the job.

If we refuse to put money into road repairs now, the needed repairs will not magically happen, and costs are guaranteed to climb in the future.

I would urge everyone to please take time to read about Measure H before voting. The tax liability is minimal (not the 8.25 percent claimed on the misleading anti-Measure H signs), and built into the measure are safeguards and frequent audits to ensure the money is being spent properly. I like the fact that nearly 100 percent of the allotted money will be spent to improve the roads, with a bare minimum used for administrative costs. That kind of efficiency is practically unheard of nowadays.

A lot of good, logical thinking went into writing Measure H. I think Measure H is the safest, most efficient way to accomplish a necessary task. I haven't seen any better ideas coming from the opponents.

It is one thing to "just say no," it's quite another to come up with a constructive plan. Measure H is the constructive plan we need in Solano County.

Deborah J. McMindes, Vacaville

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