Monday, May 22, 2006

Chamber Backs Measure H

Chamber Backs Measure H
Reporter Editor:

At a recently Rio Vista Chamber of Commerce meeting, both sides of the Measure H issue were invited to make a presentation before the chamber's board of directors.

After careful consideration, the Rio Vista Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors voted to support Measure H, the half-cent transportation sales tax increase on the June ballot.

There are several reasons that we feel it is time for this measure. One of the reasons is that fewer and fewer people will be inclined to travel to and from Rio Vista if the roads are not improved and widened. Our business community depends on safe and efficient highways and streets to survive and prosper.

We also feel that we have truly run out of options for these projects. A local funding source for transportation is necessary to be used in conjunction with federal, state and regional funding, and will leverage additional funding by demonstrating a local commitment to the projects in Solano County.

The No on Measure H committee opposes the measure, but it has no other solutions. We need solutions to these traffic and safety problems in our county.

Evelyn Wilson, Rio Vista

The author is the president of the Rio Vista Chamber of Commerce - Editor.

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