Friday, January 12, 2007

UC Regents to discuss two new UCSF buildings - San Francisco Business Times:

San Francisco Business Times - January 12, 2007

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UC Regents to discuss two new UCSF buildings
San Francisco Business Times - 12:59 PM PST Friday

When the University of California Regents meet in Mission Bay next week, they will discuss two proposed UCSF buildings, including a stem cell research structure.

A Regents committee may amend the budget for the stem cell building -- the UCSF Institute for Regeneration Medicine -- to add an extra $4.8 million. UCSF's plan for the building calls for 45,000 square feet for stem cell research. The building will cost from $100 million to $116 million total. It will be built on the Parnassus campus, part of it taking the place of Toland Hall, which is rated seismically poor and will be demolished.

UCSF will also apply to the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine for money to help pay for the building. In April CIRM will request proposals for $85 million in grants for that type of major facilities construction. CIRM has allocated a total of $275 million for grants under that program, aimed at major capital construction projects.

UCSF will also brief the Regents on its proposed Neurological Disease and Neuroscience Building, which the university now wants to increase in size to 115,000 square feet. This building will be on the Mission Bay campus. The Regents won't be asked to approve that project yet, since plans for it are not complete.

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