Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Reporter - Solano's on the list

The Reporter - Solano's on the list: "Solano's on the list
But highway projects will be incomplete
Article Launched: 12/22/2006 06:17:56 AM PST

A new list of highway projects in line for precious few taxpayer dollars surfaced this week, lifting hopes that Solano County's worsening transportation system might get some relief.

It was good news, to be sure. But it is far from assured that state money will be allocated to begin to fix the Interstate 80 and I-680 interchange, to widen Highway 12 through Jameson Canyon, or to lessen the traffic impact of the truck scales on I-80 at Cordelia.

The list includes more projects than there is money available for. And while the interchange project seems high among everyone's priorities, the Jameson Canyon safety improvements and the truck scales are precarious, at best.

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission will finalize the list on Jan. 10. Then, on Feb. 28, the California Transportation Commission will decide which projects statewide will get funds from voter-approved Proposi-tion 1B, which created a $20 billion pie.

The three local projects, limited as they are, are supported by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission staff and by Caltrans.

Relocating the truck scales on one side of I-80 is on a separate list of recommendations for funds from a different coffer. It's a smaller pool of money and a more competitive pr"

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