Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Downtown Vitality May Get a Boost

Downtown Vitality May Get a Boost
By Jennifer Gentile /Staff Writer

The Vacaville Business Improvement District could see its contract with the city extended for another year when the City Council meets later this month, the district's executive director said recently.

For about six years, businesses have been paying into the district to ensure and restore the vitality of the local downtown. The district has approximately 550 members, each paying between $30 to $250 annually into the district.

"It varies from business to business," said Bob Vollmer, executive director of the district, speaking of the fee. He said it depends on the type of business and the number of employees.

At the City Council meeting Dec. 12, Vollmer will make a presentation about how the past year has gone and future plans.

"The City Council has really made it a priority to make downtown a big part of the city," Vollmer said, adding that the improvement district is integral to that goal.

The funds for the district are spent doing advertising, marketing and putting on various events," Vollmer said, like the medieval festival, the farmer's market, the Halloween stroll and live entertainment in the Town Square. He estimated that about $48,000 comes in annually from businesses, with an additional $50,000 in support from a Redevelopment Agency grant.

In his last presentation before the council, Vollmer said, "The thing that came up a lot was our marketing plan." He added that the council indicated that more resources should be dedicated to marketing.

In 2006, Vollmer said, "We have a broader marketing plan for this year. ... We're going to tweak it a little more and move forward in 2007."

Another issue likely to generate discussion is the Farmer's Market. The contribution of the Redevelopment Agency is designed to decrease by about 5 percent every year, Vollmer said, beginning this year. Vollmer said he will request that the funding level be kept the same and that the funds that would have been cut be devoted exclusively to the Farmer's Market.

"The Farmer's Market is a big part of downtown," Vollmer said. "and we were looking for a little extra help to make it successful this year."

Jennifer Gentile can be reached at vacaville@thereporter.com.

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