Thursday, July 13, 2006

First Nut Tree Store May Open Next Week

First Nut Tree Store May Open Next Week
By Ian Thompson

A plethora of safety cones clutter East Monte Vista Avenue in Vacaville as city crews rush to finish road work before new Nut Tree businesses open. (Zachary Kaufman/Daily Republic)

VACAVILLE - City road crews will be working hard in coming weeks on traffic improvements to East Monte Vista Avenue so people can get to the reborn Nut Tree's first store more easily.

The Vacaville City Council signed off on an agreement Tuesday, allowing Nut Tree Associates to move electronics retailer Best Buy into its development as early as next week.

City planners were the most concerned about how the opening would affect traffic along East Monte Vista Avenue and Nut Tree Road because of road work still going on.

Under the agreement, East Monte Vista Avenue would be restriped to make sure there will be two eastbound lanes available, a right-turn lane would be put in on westbound Monte Vista to northbound Browns Valley Road and a signal would be put at the entrance to Best Buy.

Instead of putting up a $1 million security deposit to ensure a non-potable water system is built, the amount of the deposit will be determined Nut Tree Associates and by the Solano Irrigation District.

After Best Buy opens, the developer is expected to bring in a PetSmart store by mid-August followed by Bev Mo and Sports Chalet stores.

Once completed, the development will feature 325,000 square feet of retail businesses, 150,000 square feet of offices, an amusement park, 180 townhomes, a limited-service hotel and a hotel/conference center.

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