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Map Sheds Light On Vision For Rural Land

Map Sheds Light On Vision For Rural Land
By Barry Eberling | DAILY REPUBLIC | November 28, 2007 16:12

FAIRFIELD - A map containing a proposed vision of Solano County rural land use for the coming 20 years goes to the county Planning Commission Thursday.

Most rural land would remain farmland unless annexed by a city, with some exceptions. For example, 689 acres near Dixon could be developed with agricultural-related industries. Middle Green Valley might become a mixture of homes and open space. The remote Collinsville area would remain targeted for port-related industries.

A citizens advisory committee came up with the map and related land use policies. Now Planning Commissioners will voice their opinions.

The commission meets at 6 p.m. at the county Government Center, 675 Texas St.

Solano County is updating its General Plan that governs rural areas. Land use is a component of the revisions that has historically been controversial. Among the stakes are how the land between cities will look for decades to come and what property owners can do with their land.

Voters in 1984 passed a law that restricts most development to the cities. That makes Solano County one of the few counties in California that for the most part bans new subdivisions and industries from rural land.

Now the county is deciding whether to stick with the status quo or make new exceptions to the no-development policies.

A citizens advisory committee has laid the groundwork over the past year. The Planning Commission will review the recommendations tonight and the county Board of Supervisors will do so Dec. 11.

Then the entire General Plan goes back to the citizens advisory committee for final votes in January. A draft environmental impact report on the changes is to be released on March 17 for public review.

In April 2008, the county is to hold General Plan public workshops in the Fairfield-Suisun area, Vallejo-Benicia area, Vacaville area, Dixon area and Rio Vista area.

If all goes according to the county's plan, the Board of Supervisors would approve a revised General Plan and environmental report on July 29. The proposed land use changes would then go to voters Nov. 4, as is required under the existing orderly growth law.

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