Thursday, October 04, 2007

Old Sewer Plant Land To Become Home To 40 Houses

Old Sewer Plant Land To Become Home To 40 Houses
By Ian Thompson

SUISUN CITY - A proposal by Silverwing Development of Concord to build a 40-home subdivision and a small park on land that was once a sewer treatment facility was approved by the Suisun City Council Tuesday night.

The council agreed to sell a 3.9-acre parcel of waterfront land located at the south end of Civic Center Boulevard near Suisun City Hall for $400,000.

The city could receive more money if the houses are sold for more than $610,000 and if the cost of cleaning the soil is less than $2.4 million.

It is estimated that it will cost Silverwing about $2.4 million and take a year of work to clean the soil before houses can be built on the land.

Silverwing had been in exclusive negotiations with the Economic Development Department since December 2006. The land was once the location of a sewer treatment plant, which was closed and torn down in 1993.

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