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Dixon Gets Good Financial News

Dixon Gets Good Financial News
By Melissa Murphy /Staff Writer

Dixon's City Council received encouraging news Tuesday about the city's financial condition.

In May of 2006, the city planned its 2006-07 fiscal year budget, and City Manager Warren Salmons said Wednesday afternoon "We're going to end the year on a much better note. Those who predicted gloom and doom, well it just isn't going to happen."

The report from city staff explains that revenues were projected to be $13.69 million, with the bulk of funds estimated to come from property taxes, sales and use taxes.

Now, the revenues are expected to top $14.425 million, a difference of about $735,000.

And at the same time revenue is up, the city's expenditures are down. Expenditures were projected to be $14.9 million, but now the city believes it will only spend about $14.5 million, or $405,000 less. The city had anticipated using about $1.2 million of its reserves.

The staff report explained that expenditures are expected to be lower, even in the face of some unexpected expenditures, including an additional $50,000 spent on an April special election.

Savings were made in regard to salaries and benefits in connection with job vacancies that were not filled.

An additional reserve fund was created in regard to a use tax on SelectBuild, a construction services company. The new fund is anticipated to bring in an additional quarter of a million dollars.

"It is a good combination of saving more and spending less," City Treasurer David Dingman said Wednesday. "It's great news to have sufficient reserves in case the economy takes a downturn, or for other emergency purposes."

In other action, the council adopted a resolution approving revised council procedural guidelines.

Council members also voted unanimously to adopt an ordinance establishing a moratorium on construction, modification or placement of wireless telecommunication facilities within the city.

Anticipating additional applications for wireless communication facilities, the ordinance was recommended by staff in order to allow time for the city to conduct an analysis of appropriate regulations and to develop proposed amendments to the city's zoning.

According to City Clerk Janice Beaman, the moratorium does not apply to T-Mobile USA Inc., a wireless communication company which already had submitted an application.

Due to time constraints, several items were continued to a future City Council meeting, including a proposed five-year Capital Improvement Program for the water, fire, police, administration and transit funds, and matters involving the Redevelopment Agency.

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