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CA Stem Cells - Out of the courts, into the labs

Out of the courts, into the labs

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A WEAK, but time-devouring, court challenge to California's stem-cell initiative is nearly over. Now it's time for a promising frontier of science to begin work in a major way.

In a sweeping ruling, a state Court of Appeal rejected all of the challenges to the voter-approved $3 billion program. The losing side, made up of anti-abortion and taxpayers' groups, may launch a legal Hail Mary appeal to the state Supreme Court, although chances for success appear slim. Their objections about finances, ballot wording and conflict-of-interest rules haven't convinced judges at two junctures, so far.

The end result is long overdue. California may soon begin rolling out the research grants in a major way to investigate the potential of stem cells to end disease. The Institute for Regenerative Medicine -- the stem-cell initiative's formal name -- has already doled out $45 million, with funds borrowed from the state and philanthropists. Another $80 million in borrowed money is due to be awarded soon by the San Francisco-based agency.

to read the rest of the article check out the San Francisco Chronicle

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