Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wine-tasting Room Could Come to Suisun Valley

Wine-tasting room could come to Suisun Valley
By Barry Eberling

FAIRFIELD - Efforts are under way to establish a wine tasting room in Suisun Valley that could help attract tourists to the farming area and give valley wines a higher profile.

The Suisun Valley Fund Advisory Committee on Wednesday approved seeking proposals from parties who would want to establish a tasting room. The committee would offer assistance. Two candidate sites are Rockville Corner and Mankas Corner, both small commercial pockets in the valley.

"There is a general consensus that if Suisun Valley is to remain agricultural, an expansion of grape growing, wines production and the development of additional wineries offer the single best chance for success," says the paper seeking proposals.

A wine tasting room would be the first step in establishing wine support services in the valley, with development of a full-scale wine processing facility another goal. The goal is to get Suisun Valley wines and grapes recognized as a premium product, the paper said.

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