Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dixon Chamber Lease Approved

Dixon Chamber Lease Approved
By Melissa Murphy/Staff Writer

The Dixon City Council approved a five-year lease agreement Tuesday night for the Chamber of Commerce to relocate to the Transportation Center.

"The building is an incredible benefit to the city," said Chamber President Gordon Hammond."

Vice Mayor Gil Vega is holding out hope that trains will stop in Dixon within the next five years, but he knows it's a long shot. City officials estimate it won't happen until 2015, depending on state funding.

Transportation Center occupancy gives the chamber a more central location in the city. The center will provide information about different modes of travel, which the chamber already does. The new conference room available in the building can be scheduled for use by the public.

The historical society, which helped with the history and design of center's exterior also is decorating the interior.

"This is a good use of the facility," Vega said. "The historical society, the Chamber of Commerce and the train stop will work well in the new building."

The Council still needs to vote on accepting the center as complete before the Chamber can move in. That vote is set for April.

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