Wednesday, December 19, 2007

UC Davis prof gets $2.4M stem-cell grant

Thursday, December 13, 2007
UC Davis prof gets $2.4M stem-cell grant
Sacramento Business Journal

Chon-xian Pan, a University of California Davis scientist, received a New Faculty Award from the state's stem-cell institute Wednesday.

The $2.4 million award from The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine was part of $54 million the institute granted.

The funding is designed to provide money to back five years of research by early stage stem-cell scientists at universities and nonprofits.

Stanford University received four grants for about $10.7 million.

In all, UC Davis has received more than $11 million and Stanford has received nearly $41.4 million from the stem-cell agency since it began handing out research money in April 2006.

Grants began going out last year, and the top four total money recipients, after Stanford, are:

* UC-San Francisco, $29.7 million
* UCLA, $23.3 million
* UC-San Diego, $19.8 million
* UC-Irvine, $19.6 million.

San Jose Business Journal

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