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- Real Estate Roundup (October 2007)
- Energy Efficient Solano
- Business Obstacles
- Membership Renewal time
- Did you know?

Real Estate Roundup
(October 2007)

Colliers International (
• Allison Parkway, Vacaville – 5 acres land sale to PG&E
• 125 Grobic Court, Fairfield – 10,578 sf lease by Ponder Environmental Services, Inc.
• 360 Campus Lane, Fairfield – 66,551 sf lease expansion by Partnership HealthPlan
• 563 Industrial Way, Benicia – 161,754 sf lease renewal by Santa Clara Warehouses, Inc.

• 907 Cotting Lane, Suite C, Vacaville – 10,368 sf purchase by Martin’s Metal
• Building 112 Mare Island, Vallejo – 13,200 sf lease by Arcmatic
• Building 141/155 Mare Island, Vallejo – 12,900 sf lease renewal by Miam
• Building 457 Mare Island, Vallejo – 5,000 sf lease renewal to F&M Fabricators
• Building 153 Mare Island, Vallejo – 8,200 sf lease renewal to Timothy Rose
• Quarters L Mare Island, Vallejo – 7,800 sf lease renewal to AFLAC
• Building 98/507 Mare Island, Vallejo – 42,000 sf lease renewal to Latham Truss

Cushman & Wakefield (
• 2449 South Watney, Fairfield - 59,843 sf building purchase by Lowenberg Corporate

Grubb & Ellis (
• 1111 Western Street, Fairfield – 5,000 sf lease by Zabala Ranches

Keegan & Coppin (
• 2543 Cordelia Road, Fairfield – 29.5 acre land purchase by Solano County

Ways to save energy and money highlighted
Next Solano EDC breakfast meeting

Solano County business has taken major steps to conserve energy and cut costs. While the media is abuzz with talk about energy conservation, many of our local businesses have already initiated programs that are benefiting all in the County.

On Nov. 29, EDC has invited four companies to share their ideas and projects at the Solano Economic Development corporation breakfast, 7:30 a.m. at the Hilton Garden Inn in Fairfield.

Michael Ammann, president of EDC, said the event will give “…a lot of ideas and positive proof that our local corporations are not just talking about energy, but doing something to become more energy efficient.”

Members of the panel discussion will be: Kevin Finger, Anheuser Bush; Monty Stephens, Westfield Solano Mall; John Ketcherside, PG &E; and a representative from Alza Corporation.

Each of the organizations is slashing their energy costs with simple applications. Budweiser will show how the little things add up to big savings. Alza will explain its solar energy system that saves on high electric bills. Westfield Solano has embarked on an ongoing system that is reducing energy costs at extremely high rates. PG&E will share ways that companies can work with the utility to create energy savings projects.

To make reservations to attend, contact Solano EDC at 864-1855. This event is sponsored by Wulff Electric, IBEW Local Union 180, and Arcadis.

The monthly breakfast meetings are underwritten by EDC Chairman Circle Members: Potrero Hills Landfill, Touro University, Solano Garbage Company, Reporter and Times-Herald.

Business obstacles—state officials and unprepared workforce

Solano County business leaders gathered at October’s Solano EDC breakfast meeting to discuss the challenges and obstacles facing large and small business.

Guest speaker Dominic DiMare, former vice president of government relations with the California Chamber of Commerce cited state legislation and the lack of a well prepared labor force as key challenges facing the private sector.

Seven county chambers of commerce joined EDC bring the topic before local business leaders.

DiMare defined 10 bills last year that were introduced in the legislator as “job killers,” and pointed out that the governor vetoed these bills. He also said the current health care debate will result in the issue being put on the ballot in November next year.

Keep your membership active for 2008

Now is the time to renew your membership with Solano EDC. It’s an investment that gives you a voice in Solano County’s economic development.

2008 will be both a year of challenges and opportunities. You can help protect your organization’s future by maintaining your membership.

For information, contact Pat at (707) 864-1855.

Did you know?

Northern California has more than 900 life science companies, with more than 90,000 employees. That’s the largest cluster of biotech firms in the nation. And, Solano County is a leader in the field with some of U.S. major corporations calling the area “home.”

Life Sciences is expected to be a driving force in California’s economy in the coming years, and this area of growth will also trigger growth in Solano County’s other key economic sectors: Food, manufacturing and energy.

“In some way, all of our key growth sectors are interrelated,” Mike Ammann, EDC president said. “Focusing on the tremendous opportunities for new business in the biotech industry just makes good economic sense. It certainly doesn’t mean EDC is not working in all areas, just simply means we are focusing on the ‘big prize’ which is expanded life science facilities.

“We already are seeing more Bay Area and Sacramento residents commute into Solano County. That’s a big turn around and a tremendous sign of our strides to make our cities more than bedroom communities,” he said.

The Solano Economic Development Corporation’s mission is to enhance the economic vitality and quality of life of Solano County communities through the attraction, growth and retention of business and industry.

Solano EDC Team

Mike Ammann, President (
Sandy Person, Vice President (
Pat Uhrich, Office Manager (
Andy Turba, Special Projects (

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