Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Rio Vista Transit System Offers New Fares, Routes

Rio Vista Transit System Offers New Fares, Routes
By Reporter Staff

The city of Rio Vista is making major modifications to its transit system aimed at improving efficiency, cost effectiveness and farebox recoveries, according to city leaders.
The changes are needed, according to a recently issued press release, in order to continue receiving state Transportation Development Act funds for operation of its bus system.

Beginning Jan. 30, the city will offer three new bus routes that will take passengers not only around Rio Vista but connect them to Isleton, Fairfield and Antioch. The routes are part of what is known as "deviated fixed routes," meaning they run on a timed schedule. But with a hour advance notice to the transit dispatcher, the bus will deviate its route to pick up or drop off passengers that live too far away from the route or are unable to walk to the bus stop.

The new routes have been dubbed the "Rio Vista Delta Breeze" routes and will operate Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

New fares for the Delta Breeze routes will be instituted and will be based on one-way prices. Monthly passes and 10-ride passes will be available at a discount for frequent riders.

The new fares will be as follows:

• Within Rio Vista: $1.50 for one-way general fare and 75 cents for seniors; 10-ride pass, $15 general and $7.50 for seniors; monthly pass, $35 general and $20 for seniors.

• One-way fare to Isleton: $1.50 general and seniors.

• Intercity fare to Antioch or Fairfield: One-way, $5 for general and seniors; 10-ride pass, $45 for general and seniors; monthly pass, $85 for general and seniors.

• Route deviations: 50 cents for general fares and free for seniors.

• Transfers to other transit systems: Free for all

• Senior shuttle: Not available for general fares but $5 round trip for seniors.

For more information, call 374-5337.

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