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Napa-Solano Trail Dedication this Weekend

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Napa-Solano Trail Dedication this Weekend
By Barry Eberling

NAPA - The Bay Area Ridge Trail got a little longer recently in the hills that form the border between Napa and Solano counties.

A new, 1.3-mile loop trail in Napa County will be dedicated on Saturday. This segment just about reaches the county line separating Napa and Solano. It is called the Napa-Solano Ridge Trail.

The dedication ceremony begins at 9:30 a.m. at Skyline Wilderness Park near Napa. The ceremony will be near the Skyline Park entrance, not at the new trail. At 10:30 a.m., there will be hiking, biking and equestrian outings to the new trail.

Reaching the new trail takes a bit of effort. It begins at the eastern end of Skyline Park, a four-mile hike from the park entrance. From the parking lot to the end of the new trail and back is a 10-mile trip.

Festivities will also offer a shorter hike to land overlooking the new trail area.

The new trail is on private property owned by the Tuteur family. The family gave permission for the public trail to run on its land.

"We wanted to share with the public the natural beauty and habitat that enrich our lives and spirits every day," John Tuteur said in a press release.

The new trail loop is open starting Saturday to bikers, hikers and horseback riders, at least for awhile. During the rainy season, only hikers will be allowed on it - to allow the winter rains to pummel the newly created trail and pack it in, said Holly Van Houten of the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council. That will mean less erosion into a nearby creek.

"We call it 'seasoning the trail,' " Van Houten said.

The Bay Area Ridge Trail is to someday have 500 miles and encircle the Bay Area. Close to 300 miles of trail is open to the public. Of the remaining 200 miles, 150 miles must pass over private land.

Completing the ridge trail will require further voluntary participation of private landowners, as happened with the Tuteur family, Van Houten said.

The council would ultimately like to extend the trail on the Tuteur property into Solano County. The trail could eventually link to existing trails in Lynch Canyon open space preserve or Rockville Hills Park.

Saturday's celebration will include an open house benefit from 1:30 to 5:30 p.m. in the Skyline Community Center. A $20 donation is requested. Participants will get a commemorative wine glass. Funds raised will help maintain the trail.

To reach Skyline Wilderness Park, take Highway 12 through Jameson Canyon, head north on Highway 29, veer to the right before the Butler Bridge, continue to Imola Avenue, turn right on Imola Avenue and continue about a mile to the park entrance.

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