Monday, May 23, 2005

Review of Fairfield upcoming street improvements

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Save time, headaches by reviewing upcoming street improvements

By Brian Miller and Karl Dumas

Most local drivers don't like to be surprised by road improvement projects that hinder traffic. It's frustrating when you're in the middle of the noon-time rush, heading for the mall or Gateway Plaza to chow down and realize your lunch time will be cut in half by a construction project's traffic jam. We thought people might like a "heads up" on some of the upcoming street and traffic signal improvements that may impact local traffic in Fairfield this year.

-- City contractors will install new traffic signals at the intersection of Hilborn Road/Lyon Road/Interstate 80 westbound ramps. The intersection is currently controlled by stop signs. This project will be bid in June with an anticipated start of construction in August and completion in December. It is anticipated to cost about $250,000.

-- The city will also install traffic signals at Claybank Road and Quail Drive, Claybank Road at East Tabor Avenue, Chadbourne Road at Courage Drive and Dickson Hill Road at Dover Avenue. These latter projects will be bid in July with an anticipated start of construction in September and completion in early 2006. The current cost estimate for these new signals is $775,000.

-- Traffic in Cordelia at Lopes Road and Bridgeport Avenue/Cordelia Road should improve after these intersections and streets are widened and new traffic signals installed. The project is planned to start in August and is estimated to cost $880,000.

-- Traffic safety improvements are also planned along Travis Boulevard. The city will upgrade traffic signal equipment at eight intersections along Travis. This project will be bid in August with an anticipated start of construction in October and completion in early spring 2006. The current estimate is $400,000.

-- One issue people have raised is pedestrian safety downtown. The city will install lighted crosswalks at the intersections of Texas and Taylor streets and Texas and Madison streets. A June bid date has been set and construction is expected to start in August and be completed in October. The anticipated project cost is $45,000.

-- Second Street between Texas Street and Travis Boulevard is scheduled for repaving due to the impacts of a waterline replacement project. Starting in August and continuing through November, the project will feature pavement grinding, placement of asphalt concrete, replacement of concrete sidewalk sections, and replacement and/or installation of handicap access ramps. Similar pavement work will occur on each side of the I-80 overcrossing on Travis Boulevard. The project is estimated to cost $750,000.

-- The Air Base Parkway at Dover Avenue intersection is one of the city's busiest. Modifications planned for this area include widening Air Base Parkway west of Dover Avenue to install a second left-turn lane; changing existing islands and the traffic signal; installing new handicap ramps and a retaining wall and replacing irrigation, landscaping, fencing, striping and signs. This project will bid in June with an anticipated start of construction in August and completion in early 2006. The cost estimate is $500,000.

-- Probably the largest construction project that will affect traffic this year is replacing old water mains, services and fire hydrants in the residential area bounded by North Texas Street, E. Travis Boulevard, Taft Street, Tennessee Street and Coolidge Street. The work will begin later this month and construction will continue through the fall and winter. The price tag for the work is $2.9 million.

Economic Notes: An update from Fairfield City Hall is written by Brian Miller and Karl Dumas of the Fairfield Planning and Development Department. They can be contacted at 428-7461 or e-mail at or

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