Monday, August 08, 2005

TLCD Architecture is celebrating its 40th anniversary in Fairfield

Anniversary marked

TLCD Architecture is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

The firm current employs 70 people in its Santa Rosa and Fairfield offices.

It was launched in 1965 in downtown Santa Rosa when Thomas M. Tomasi Architects opened its doors. More than a decade later a friendly rivalry began when George Lawry, who started his firm in 1972, joined with Coker DeSilva Architects (owned by Ken Coker and Joel DeSilva).

In 1990, Ken Coker and Don Tomasi (Tom's son who started with the firm in 1984) discussed the idea of joining forces to create a larger, more dynamic company that could compete with larger regional firms. A couple years later, with George and Tom considering retirement, the remaining principals of each firm decided to merge, and Tomasi Lawry Coker DeSilva Architecture was born.

Just prior to the merger, Rob Henley approached LCD Architects with the idea of founding a branch office in Solano County. In 1992, the office opened in Suisun City, and later moved to larger quarters in Fairfield.

Now called TLCD Architecture, the firm recently had its 40th anniversary party attended by 350 people.

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