Monday, April 25, 2005

AmCan Council may take first step in realigning Broadway

Article Published: Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Realigning Broadway being considered

AmCan Council may take first step in untangling traffic

By DAN JUDGE, Times-Herald staff writer

AMERICAN CANYON - The City Council on Thursday will consider awarding a construction bid for the realignment of Broadway, the first step in easing the tangled traffic situation on American Canyon's east side.

"It's been a major circulation improvement that has been planned for years," City Manager Mark Joseph said Tuesday. "When it's done, we should have a much better traffic flow."
The rapid growth of housing subdivisions east of Highway 29 has left the two-lane American Canyon Road and its intersection with Broadway severely overtaxed.
Broadway connects to American Canyon Road just a short distance from a traffic signal on Highway 29. During rush hour when vehicles stack up, a left-hand turn from Broadway is nearly impossible.

Eventually, the city wants to widen American Canyon Road to four lanes to accommodate traffic generated by the 400 to 500 homes in the area.

As part of that project, Broadway will be realigned further east to match up with Silver Oak Trail, an entrance road to the new Vintage Ranch subdivision. A new traffic signal, crosswalk, sidewalk, bike lanes and water main would also be installed.

"By realigning it you have a real intersection, not one of our traditional four-way intersections that don't line up," Joseph said.

The movement of the road will also create more room for the new Veterans Memorial Park being constructed between Highway 29 and Broadway.

The city opened bids on the Broadway realignment project Tuesday and will be analyzing them before presentation to the council on Thursday, Joseph said.

In his report to the council, Public Works Director Robert Weil said he expects the project cost to fall within the city's available budget of $1.3 million.

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