Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Supervisors Approve Gas Station Near Vacaville

Supervisors Approve Gas Station Near Vacaville
By Barry Eberling

FAIRFIELD - A gas station - complete with public restrooms - could be built in the rural county along Interstate 80 at the Midway Road exit.

The county Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved the development, which is also to include a general store and produce market. Like the Planning Commission, it wants the public restrooms.

An original proposal for the project didn't include the restrooms, which must be on a septic tank because the development is in the rural county. But the Planning Commission insisted the traveling public would expect restrooms.

Vacaville officials expressed concern about the project because it is at the eastern I-80 gateway for their city. City limits end just to the west.

But board Chairman Mike Reagan said Wednesday that the project will be of a high enough quality and will look better than the uses already at this gateway area.

Another question arose over someday renovating the Midway Road interchange. Reagan said the development leaves room for the interchange expansion based on conceptual designs.

The gas station/produce market/general store is to be located at 7335 Oday Road. Mahmoud Karaouni applied to the county to develop the property.

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