Thursday, October 19, 2006

Travis to Receive $86.9 Million in Defense Funds

Travis to Receive $86.9 Million in Defense Funds

Rep. Ellen Tauscher, D-Solano, has announced $86.9 million in funding for Travis Air Force Base as part of a bill signed into law this week by President Bush.
The money largely is targeted for the base's C-17 activity and is part of the Defense Authorization Bill.

Tauscher, who made the announcement Wednesday, was selected by her colleagues to serve as a member of the conference committee on the legislation. She fought for Travis in the negotiating throughout the process, she said in a press release.

The measure includes key priorities Tauscher said she has been fighting for to improve military readiness at Travis and for troops deployed across the globe.

"I am proud to have helped get this legislation passed through Congress with strong bipartisan support because it will create many positive changes for our troops and their families, especially those here at Travis Air Force base," Tauscher said.

Key components of the bill that will benefit Travis include:

• $6.2 million for a C-17 Munitions Storage Facility;

• $8.8 million for C-17 roads/utilities;

• $8.5 million for C-17 a taxiway;

• $50.4 million for two C-17 two-bay hangars;

• $11.9 million for a large fire/crash rescue station; and

• $1.134 million for planning and design of reserve C-5/C-17 squad operations.

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