Monday, October 23, 2006

Supes Could Pave The Way To Fix Roads

Supes Could Pave The Way To Fix Roads
By Erin Pursell/Staff Writer

Some of Solano's most ailing roads may soon be closer to long-awaited improvements.

The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday will consider priorities for regional transportation projects and the authorization of a $3 million loan from the General Fund to help pay for the much-needed work.

The county has been working with the Solano Transportation Authority and various cities for several years on a number of regional transportation projects that are considered high priorities. While the projects are largely funded by federal and state sources, they also require local matching funds, according to staff reports.

Solano's share for local matches for five regional projects for which federal funding has been received is estimated to be $3.7 million over the next four years, based on STA funding proposals for the projects, which include:

• improving the Vanden Road segment of the Jepson Parkway, from near Peabody Road to Leisure Town Road between Vacaville and Fairfield;

• north and south gate access improvements to Travis Air Force Base;

• construction of the North Connector, a new four-lane parkway to be located parallel to and just north of Interstate 80, between State Route 12 west and east; construction of the Turner Parkway Over crossing, which would connect Turner Parkway, located east of I-80, to Fairgrounds Drive, which is west of I-80;

• re-opening McGary Road and Regional bikeway, south of I-80 and connecting Red Top Road with the east end of the Solano Bikeway, which leads to Vallejo.

To meet matching fund requirements, the board will consider establishing a Regional Transportation Fund. The initial money for this fund would come from a $3 million loan from the county's general fund. This amount then would be repaid with interest through a proposed public facilities fee, which would be charged to new development throughout the county for transportation projects, according to staff.

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