Friday, September 29, 2006

Solano Group Opposes Prop. 90

Solano Group Opposes Prop. 90
Board Says the Nov. 7 Ballot Measure, if Approved, Will Stifle Private and Public Development Projects.
By Reporter Staff

Some top business leaders in Solano County on Thursday offered staunch opposition to Proposition 90 on the Nov. 7 state ballot, arguing it could cripple, or even halt, local economic development initiatives.

The board of directors of Solano Economic Development Corporation, a public-private partnership of businesses and local governments devoted to luring new employers to local cities, unanimously voted to oppose the measure that aims to significantly increase requirements to compensate property owners for economic losses resulting from new laws or rules.

Mike Ammann, president of the organization, said it would not only stifle business development and public works projects, but also make it difficult to protect the environment or enact new consumer protection laws.

He noted the main benefactor of the Prop. 90 campaign comes from New York.

Representatives of the local transit agency, cities and developers characterized the measure as a trap to stifle California's development, making it less competitive with other states, all under the guise of protection from eminent domain.

They insist homeowners already are protected from such government intervention, noting that local redevelopment agencies are prohibited from using eminent domain to take private homes.

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