Monday, April 17, 2006

'Yes' on Measure H

'Yes' on Measure H

The Solano Economic Development Corporation's Board of Directors voted unanimously to support Measure H on the June 6 ballot. This measure will address critically needed traffic congestion relief and provide funds necessary to address traffic safety improvements.

The Solano EDC is a unique public/private partnership which exists to improve the economic climate of Solano County. The board believes addressing traffic congestion and safety is critical to improving our local economic climate.

The Solano Transportation Improvement Authority's expenditure plan for Measure H was developed with extensive public participation. We believe the expenditure plan provides a balance of the traffic needs identified by the residents of Solano County.

Our local businesses rely on the movement of goods and services on a daily basis in order to continue providing local jobs and a strong economy. Without improvements to our transportation system, traffic congestion and safety concerns will impact our local economy. Further, Solano County needs a good transportation network to attract new businesses, which will provide good jobs for local residents, many of whom currently commute out of the county.

It is for these reasons that the Board of Directors of the Solano Economic Development Corporation strongly supports the passage of Measure H on June 6.

Brooks Pedder,
Chairman of the Board, Solano Economic Development Corp.

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