Monday, January 30, 2006

Public Safety and Money Spending City's Top Priorities

Public Safety and Money Spending City's Top Priorities
By Stephanie Jucar

FAIRFIELD - Reducing crime and making long-term decisions on budget and economic growth were the top three of eight priorities Fairfield city officials agreed to focus on this year.

The City Council and city administrators met Saturday in the Fairfield Transportation Center to set goals and priorities for 2006.

Public safety, or what the City Council called "street safe/safe community," is the main concern for all city administrators.

Though Fairfield's crime rate dropped by 6 percent, according to recent statistics released by the Fairfield Police Department, the city will continue to work on dealing with crime rates by adding more resources to its police and fire departments.

City officials plan to create stronger community development in the city's high risk and high crime areas. Building teen centers, such as a Boys and Girls Club, and other after-school programs is under the planning process.

Having better communication and relations with nonprofit organizations, the police athletic league, domestic violence organizations and other violence or crime education programs will also be considered.

The city will conduct a crime survey in two years to monitor its progress.

City spending and economic development will also be closely examined. To expand economic growth and employment, the city will explore a workforce initiative with regional schools, such as University of California, Davis, Solano Community College and local K-12 public schools.

Further comments on the city's priorities will be finalized and put up for final vote today between noon and 5 p.m. at the Fairfield Transportation Center, 2000 Cadenasso Dr., Fairfield.

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The top 8 Fairfield priorities:

1. Public safety

2. Budget

3. Business and economic development

4. Infill strategies

5. Travis Community Consortium

6. Transportation and transit issues

7. Affordable housing

8. Funding infrastructure

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