Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Vaca planners to discuss details of 5,700-square-foot retail building on the west side of Peabody near Hume

Article Launched: 09/05/2005 08:14:06 AM

Vaca planners to discuss details of retail building

By Tom Hall/Staff Writer

The city of Vacaville approved the Orchard Supply and Hardware project at the base of the hill Costco sits on several months ago.

Now, city planners are moving forward to get work started on a retail building to be built alongside Orchard at the corner of Peabody Road and Hume Way.

At its Tuesday meeting, The Vacaville Planning Commission will vote on plans to build a 5,700-square-foot retail building on the west side of Peabody near Hume.

The project, which sits on about three-quarters of an acre just east of the previously approved hardware store, includes a drive-through space, projected to be a Starbucks Coffee location. Orchard is currently under construction at the site.

Even as plans for the retail building move forward, another 1.1 acres of land at the site location will remain vacant.

The design of the retail building will match that of Orchard, which is set up to have plaster siding and arched metal roof features.

Almost 4,000 square feet of the building will be dedicated to general retail, while the remaining 1,800-square-foot portion will make up the drive-through coffee shop. Twenty-five parking spaces are included in the project plans.

The commission will also consider updates to the city's land use and development code, including an upgrade of standards to construction in areas where flood is a risk.

Another amendment to the city code would change the required side-yard and rear-yard setback for swimming pools to three feet. The code currently requires a six-foot setback.

A staff report on the issue said city planners receive 60 applications a year requesting a smaller setback, and that most are approved. The change in the code would cut down on the workload at City Hall.

The commission will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the Council Chamber at City Hall at 650 Merchant St.

Tom Hall can be reached at vacaville@thereporter.com.

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