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Solano County improving two rural roads leading to Travis Air Force Base and creating a new entrance road for the Solano County Fairgrounds

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Supes to examine road improvements

By Barry Eberling

FAIRFIELD - Solano County will explore improving two rural roads leading onto Travis Air Force Base and creating a new entrance road for the Solano County Fairgrounds.

Money to at least start these projects is coming from the recently passed federal highway bill. County staff wants to work with the Solano Transportation Authority and other agencies. County supervisors on Tuesday approved trying to negotiate agreements with these agencies.

The biggest, most well-known entrance to Travis Air Force Base is Air Base Parkway. But there is also a southern entrance for trucks at Petersen Road and a northern entrance at North Gate Road.

These are narrow, rural roads, perhaps 21 feet wide. The county could make them 24 feet wide and perhaps add shoulders.

Solano County could add a lane for parked trucks on Petersen Road, county Engineering Manager Paul Wiese said. This would provide a place for trucks to wait until they can go through the security checks to get on base.

The North Gate Road project could include improving the nearby Vanden and Canon roads intersection. Vanden Road is to someday become part of the Jepson Parkway, providing a major link between Fairfield and Vacaville.

The federal highway bill will provide about $3.2 million for the road improvements near Travis Air Force Base. The county would provide a $700,000 match. That could be enough to finish the projects, Wiese said.

Solano County has also talked of extending Turner Parkway in Vallejo over Interstate 80 and to the county fairgrounds. This would tie in with county plans to renovate the fairgrounds with shops.

The highway bill gives about $2.8 million for the Turner Parkway overcrossing, with the county providing a $600,000 match. This money would go to a project study and perhaps environmental and design work. More money must be found to build the overcrossing.

A challenge for both projects is that the federal money comes in over six years, Wiese said.

After working with the STA and other agencies, county staff will bring the resulting agreements back to the Board of Supervisors for further action.

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