Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Bank of America will open in growing Green Valley

By Matthew Bunk

FAIRFIELD - Green Valley is about to get another bank.

Bank of America will open Aug. 1 next to Applebee's restaurant and discount retailer Costco in one of the faster growing areas of Solano County, a company representative said this week. There will be a reception Aug. 3.

Location in a high-growth area was a big part of the decision to open a branch in Fairfield's Green Valley, Bank of America spokesman Geoffrey Burbridge said.

"First of all, Fairfield is one of our most important markets in Northern California," Burbridge said.

"Then there's growth and a good location at a crossroads with dynamic retailers around it."

The 4,700-square-foot, stand-alone building is almost finished, and only some interior design work is left. Furniture went in last week.

The bank will be anything but the usual, with plasma televisions in the lobby, secured rooms for personal bankers and a James Bond-like hand scanner that screens access to safe deposit boxes, bank representatives said.

Bank of America calls it a Bank de Novo, which means the branch was built from the ground up and will start with no accounts.

"So if you're the first person there at 9 a.m. Aug. 1, you might be the first account," Burbridge said.

The branch, located at 5117 Business Center Drive, will have 12-15 employees.

Last year, Bank of America announced it would open there along with Applebee's and Pet Club. The 1.6 acres of land was originally owned by the city and was intended for freeway widening, but instead was sold to a commercial developer for $200,000.

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