Thursday, July 29, 2004

More New Homes will come to Dixon Sooner

July 29, 2004

Dixon council eases growth restrictions

By Yasmin Assemi

-- More new homes will come to Dixon sooner now that the City Council has relaxed the city's strict growth controls for certain developers.

Measure B, an ordinance passed by voters in 1986, limits the city's growth to 3 percent a year over a five-year average. With changes endorsed by the council Tuesday, Southwest Homebuilder's Group and Brookfield Homes can build more houses some years, balanced by fewer in others, to achieve the same growth goal by 2014.

In exchange for building in Dixon's Southwest Specific Plan area, the homebuilder's group will pay $2,754 per house "that may be used by the city in its sole discretion," according to one agreement the council backed Tuesday. The developers will also help pay for a road to be built crossing the railroad tracks.

A second agreement deals with an offer to the school district from Brookfield Homes.

In April, Brookfield Homes proposed giving the school district 40 acres of land east of Highway 113 and north of Parkway Boulevard and paying for part of the infrastructure costs for the new Dixon High School in exchange for permission to build a residential neighborhood with 400 homes and 120 senior units.

The offer would save the school district $4 million in infrastructure costs. If the development is approved, Brookfield Homes will begin construction in 2008.

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