Thursday, May 13, 2004

Dixon unveils new storm drain pond

May 31, 2004

Dixon ready to unveil new storm drain pond

By Yasmin Assemi

DIXON -- Dixon just got a little more green.

After months of weather-related delays, the city will finally unveil its largest storm drain pond project.

The 750,000-cubic-yard pond cost the city nearly $4.5 million and provides habitat for wildlife, while increasing storm runoff capacity needed for new development.

The pond is important to the city's farmers and homes because it will help drain excess rains that could damage crops and property - and prevent flooding damage.

The storm drain, complete with a wildlife habitat area supporting wetlands, features various trees and shrubs surrounding the edge of the pond as well as a nature trail.

The Pond A Lateral One Improvement Project ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place at the intersection of Pitt School and Porter roads Wednesday.

For more information, call City Project Manager Janet Koster at 678-7031 Ext. 304.

Reach Yasmin Assemi at 427-6953 or

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